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31 May 24

How to come see us ?

To come to 36, Simplify your life :

Paris - La Rochelle in 2.5 hours by TGV,

direct air connections from Brussels, London, Dublin, Geneva.

For the plane : We will pick you up directly from the airport.

(For the airport the shuttles are now free)

Service by reservation from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Increase of €10 for off-hours (on request).

Please note: no shuttle on bridge days and public holidays as well as every Saturday in July and August (the travel time is too long during these periods)

For the station: 2 solutions:

Either take a taxi from the station square:

bee taxi group 0546412222 or

ABC taxis group 0546422200) count between €30/35 one way)

Either take the BUS : In this case take bus line 3/3E at the station

(bus departure times in accordance with Paris TGV arrivals)

travel time 45 MN. Stop at the Fleet: Virgin . You are 150 M from the house.

. Be careful, some taxis refuse trips to the Ile de Ré.

Borne de recharge véhicule électrique

Borne de recharge véhicule électrique

09 Mar 24

Electric vehicle charging station

Good news for electric vehicle owners:

For the 2024 season a 7 Kw terminal is available in our private parking lot 🪫🔌

#véhicule #électrique
Marchés de l'Île de Ré: Flâneries et Découvertes Gastronomiques à Deux

Marchés de l'Île de Ré: Flâneries et Découvertes Gastronomiques à Deux

15 Feb 24

Île de Ré Markets: Strolls and Gastronomic Discoveries for Two

Île de Ré Markets: Strolls and Gastronomic Discoveries for Two

What could be more charming than starting the day strolling hand in hand through the colorful markets of Île de Ré? It's an opportunity to delve into the authenticity of Rétais, to taste its local products and to bring back unique souvenirs. From Le 36, a guest house in La Flotte , set off to discover the markets that make the heart of the island beat, each step of your journey being a pretext to savor local life. Here is your guide to not missing anything from the Île de Ré markets, with suggested itineraries and adapted times for an optimal experience.

1. La Flotte Market

  • Open: Every day, all year round

  • Recommended departure time from Le 36: 9:00 a.m.

  • Duration of the walk: 5 minutes on foot

Start your exploration nearby at the medieval market of La Flotte, considered one of the most beautiful in France. From dawn, the stalls fill with fresh produce, spices, local cheeses and crafts. Take advantage of this lively atmosphere to taste fresh oysters or find the perfect picnic for your day.

2. Saint-Martin-de-Ré market

  • Open: Every day in high season / Tuesday, Thursday and weekend the rest of the year

  • Recommended departure time from Le 36: 9:30 a.m.

  • Duration of the bike ride: 20 minutes

The Saint-Martin-de-Ré market is a must. Nestled behind the ramparts, it offers a fine selection of local products. After your visit, take the time to lose yourself in the streets of this listed village, or enjoy a coffee on the terrace, facing the port.

3. Ars-en-Ré market

  • Open: Every day in high season / Wednesday and Saturday the rest of the year

  • Recommended departure time from Le 36: 8:00 a.m.

  • Duration of the bike ride: 45 minutes

Ars-en-Ré, with its picturesque market and emblematic church, is a charming stopover. The products here are renowned for their quality. This is the opportunity to taste local specialties, such as sea salt, island potatoes, and of course, the famous salted butter caramels.

4. Portes-en-Ré market

  • Opening: Every day in summer / Thursday and Sunday the rest of the year

  • Recommended departure time from Le 36: 8:30 a.m.

  • Duration of the bike ride: 1 hour

Located in the far north of the island, the Portes-en-Ré market is a little gem. Less frequented by tourists, it offers a more intimate experience. The products there are of unparalleled freshness, and it is the ideal place to discover unique artisanal products.

5. Loix Market

  • Open: Every day in high season / Tuesday and Friday the rest of the year

  • Recommended departure time from Le 36: 8:00 a.m.

  • Duration of the bike ride: 30 minutes

The Loix market is a charming stopover in the heart of a village surrounded by salt marshes. It is the perfect place to meet local producers and understand the importance of Relais traditions and know-how.

Each market on the Île de Ré is an invitation to discover, taste and live the present moment. From Le 36, guest house to La Flotte , these morning getaways are opportunities to immerse yourself in local life, appreciate local products and bring back souvenirs that will extend your stay long after your departure. Get ready to experience unique moments of bonding, by bike or on foot, under the Relais sun.

#Marchés #ile #de #ré


12 Feb 24

Bike Rides for Two: The Most Beautiful Routes on the Île de Ré

Bike Rides for Two: The Most Beautiful Routes on the Île de Ré

The Ile de Ré, with its breathtaking landscapes and charming little roads, is a real invitation to explore by bike. For couples looking for a gentle adventure, what's better than riding these scenic bike routes together? From Le 36, a guest house in La Flotte , let's set off to discover the most beautiful bike routes on the island, designed to amaze you as a couple.

1. From La Flotte to Saint-Martin-de-Ré: Between History and Panoramas

Departure point: Le 36, guest house

  • Distance: Approximately 5 km

  • Level: Easy

  • Attractions: Fortifications of Vauban, port of Saint-Martin

Head north from Le 36 , and let yourself be guided along the coast to Saint-Martin-de-Ré. This flat ride is ideal for a gentle warm-up, offering stunning views of the ocean. In Saint-Martin, leave your bikes and explore the UNESCO World Heritage fortifications on foot. A perfect blend of history and maritime landscapes.

2. Salt Marshes Circuit: Meeting Nature

Departure point: Le 36, guest house

  • Distance: Approximately 10 km (loop)

  • Average level

  • Attractions: Salt marshes, local fauna and flora

This route takes you to the heart of the island's salt marshes. Set off to discover this unique ecosystem, where the work of man and nature coexist harmoniously. Observe migratory birds, discover the secrets of salt production and enjoy a moment of absolute tranquility.

3. The Tour of the Beaches: From Arnérault to La Couarde

Departure point: Le 36, guest house

  • Distance: Approximately 15 km (one way)

  • Average level

  • Attractions: Arnérault, Peu Ragot, and La Couarde beaches

For sea lovers, this route runs along some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Breathe the sea air and make relaxing stops on the beaches for a picnic or simply to enjoy the sun. It is the perfect route to combine physical activity and moments of relaxation by the sea.

4. Discovering the Rais Vineyards

Departure point: Le 36, guest house

  • Distance: Approximately 20 km (loop)

  • Level: Medium to difficult

  • Attractions: Vineyards, wine tastings

Explore the Relais hinterland and its vineyards. This slightly more demanding circuit will help you discover the island's terroir and its wines. Don't hesitate to take a tasting break to savor the local grape varieties. A great way to combine sport, culture and taste pleasures.

5. The Whale Lighthouse: At the Point of Adventure

Departure point: Le 36, guest house

  • Distance: Approximately 30 km (one way)

  • Level: Difficult

  • Attractions: Whale Lighthouse, wild coast

For the more daring, this route is a must. Join the Baleines lighthouse in the far west of the island for an exceptional panoramic view. This is the opportunity to discover the wild coast of the island and share a moment of intense emotion.

Each of these itineraries has been designed to offer a unique and memorable experience

Maison d'hotes La Flotte Le 36 - Escapade Romantique Ile de ré - Le 36 La flotte

Maison d'hotes La Flotte Le 36 - Escapade Romantique Ile de ré - Le 36 La flotte

09 Feb 24

Romantic Getaways on the Île de Ré: Top 5 Spots Not to Be Missed

Ah, the Ile de Ré... A name that resonates like a promise of escape, sweetness and unforgettable moments for two. If you're looking for the perfect setting for a romantic getaway, you've come to the right place. Here is our selection of the 5 essential spots to experience magical moments as a couple. And to complete your stay, let yourself be charmed by Le 36, a guest house in La Flotte , your love nest for a getaway.

1. Sunsets at Gollandières Beach

Imagine... the sun slowly sinking below the horizon, painting the sky in warm colors, with only the sound of the waves as music. Gollandières beach offers this natural spectacle in an idyllic setting. Walk hand in hand on the fine sand, and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the moment. A word of advice: don't forget your camera to capture this living picture.

2. Walk for two in the Salt Marshes

The island's salt marshes are a unique ecosystem, where time seems to stand still. To explore these landscapes by bike or on foot is to discover together a world of tranquility, populated by wild birds and bathed in soft light. It's both a calming and enriching experience, perfect for those looking to reconnect with nature and themselves.

3. The Whale Lighthouse at Dusk

Another jewel of the island, the Phare des Baleines, stands proudly at the northern end. Climb its steps at dusk for breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding land. It is the ideal place to share an intimate moment, suspended between sky and sea, while dusk envelops everything in a soft light.

4. Romantic Dinner at La Flotte

La Flotte, with its flowery streets and picturesque port, is home to cozy restaurants where you can enjoy Relais cuisine. Choose a table with a view of the port, and let yourself be seduced by the local flavors, accompanied by a glass of wine. This is an opportunity to enjoy the intimacy of a dinner for two, under the stars.

5. A Night at 36, Guest House

To crown your getaway, Le 36 offers the perfect setting for your stay. Every detail of this guest house is designed for couples looking for tranquility and elegance. After a day of exploring, find yourself in a cocoon of comfort, where each room tells a story. Take advantage of our secret garden for a last drink under the night veil, the promise of a night full of sweetness.

The Ile de Ré is full of treasures for lovers of nature, gastronomy and authentic moments. These spots are just the beginning of an adventure for two, where each day promises its share of discoveries and emotions. And in the heart of this island, Le 36 awaits you to make your visit an indelible memory. Ready for the trip ?

#Escapade #Romantique #Île #de #Ré


18 Jun 23

The 36 validated by an Eco-label 🌍

Sustainable tourism label:

Eco-responsible player

We want the lowest possible environmental impact for sustainable tourism:

As such, we have obtained an eco-responsible label: (Responsible Actor) with the Tourist Offices of the Ile de Ré, the island being a fragile and preserved environment:

We therefore undertake to:

Reduce water, electricity and waste consumption, encourage local production and short circuits, only change towels and sheets every 3 days, or halfway through your stay, practice selective sorting and composting, minimize the use of plastic through recyclable bottles.

We make our customers aware of the protection of the Ile de Ré by inviting them to practice Slow Tourism, and by using soft modes of transport such as cycling. (Rental on site)

Our Nuxe toiletries are made from natural products, 100% vegetarian and 60% vegan and are contained in recycled packaging.

The swimming pool is heated by a heat pump.

We use rainwater for irrigation.

Water flow limiters are present in the bathrooms.

Indoors or outdoors, all lighting works with 100% LED bulbs.

The breakfasts and meals served on site are made from local and seasonal products, mostly from organic farming.

Your rooms and common areas are cleaned using homemade products that respect the environment (vinegar, baking soda, black soap, etc.).

The ocean will thank you for your solidarity eco-gestures.

Votre arrivée au 36

Votre arrivée au 36

25 Apr 23

36 on video!

A sunny afternoon, the 36 finds beautiful colors, a holiday look can't wait for summer 😉

#le #36 #en #vidéo


22 Apr 23

The breakfast of 36 in image just for the pleasure of the taste buds!

Gourmet and gourmet lunch, sweet, savory served facing the park

Home made, sun and birdsong...

What happiness for a start of the day!!

#le #petit #déjeuner #gourmand #du #36


15 Apr 23



Pour un parfait lâcher prise lors de votre séjour au 36, nous vous proposons de compléter vos moments de bien être en réservant des séances de massages spécifiques visage, corps, dos et réflexologie plantaire.

Ces prestations sont réalisées par une professionnelle externe qui effectue les soins sur place.

Vous pourrez ainsi grâce aux mains expertes de Sandrine vous relâcher, rééquilibrer vos énergies, vous détendre tout en vous dynamisant.


Vous découvrirez ainsi tous les bienfaits du Shiatsu, du modelage Californien sensitif, modelage Ayurvédique, modelage drainant japonais, modelage intuitif ou modelage sur mesure.


Une carte de soin est disponible dans le livret d'accueil de chacune des chambres

Durée d'une séance : 50 ou 60 mn

Tarifs : à partir de 50 euros


Pour réserver : Demander nous !! Nous nous chargerons d'organiser votre/ vos soins.


Pour régler : directement avec Sandrine

02 Apr 23


 / pour 6 personnes

  • Huile pour le moule
  • 200 g de crème fraîche épaisse
  • 500 g de sucre en poudre
  • 250 à 300 g de sirop de glucose
  • 6 cuillères à soupe de beurre demi sel
  • 1/2 cuillère à café de fleur de sel moulue au pilon
  • 1/2 cuillère à café d'extrait de vanille

    Dans une grande casserole, mélanger le sucre, le sirop de glucose, la crème fraîche et le beurre et porter le tout à ébullition et dès que le sucre est dissout, réduire le feu à moyen et poursuivre la cuisson en mélangeant de temps en temps, jusqu'à ce que le mélange prenne une jolie couleur ambrée. 
  • Hors du feu, ajouter la fleur de sel et l'extrait de vanille et bien mélanger.
    Huiler légèrement un moule rectangulaire et placer du papier cuisson, huiler de nouveau dessus avant d'y verser le caramel. Personnellement, j'ai utilisé des moules en silicone que j'ai huilé également. 

Afin de ne pas vous brûler sévèrement avec le sucre caramélisé, veillez à avoir toujours les mains huilées avec de l'huile végétale de cuisson. 

Laisser tiédir avant de découper des petits carrés ou rectangles dans la plaque obtenue, attention à ne pas laisser trop refroidir sinon ce sera très cassant. Vous pouvez aussi utiliser des moules à bouchées en silicone type bouchées en chocolat mais il vous en faudra au moins une dizaine ! 

  1. Pour finir

Emballer chaque bonbon dans un carré de papier cuisson ou de cellophane (on en trouve au rayon accessoires et pots de confiture en sachet).


Sans titre

Sans titre

17 Jan 23

Surprise Surprise !!

Des clients nous informent que nous sommes référencés cette année

dans le Petit Futé sans avoir rien demandé , ci joint le commentaire , 

Bonne lecture ..


L'avis du Petit Futé sur LE 36


  Découvrez l'île de Ré à bord de cette maison d'hôtes pilotée par Emmanuelle et Stéphane. Les 5 chambres y sont accueillantes, bien équipées, propices au calme. Le petit déjeuner type brunch propose des produits faits maison, combinant douceurs sucrées et salées. Une terrasse de 350 m², un bain bouillonnant et une piscine complètent l'offre détente des lieux. L'emplacement du 36 est idéal pour découvrir cette partie de l'île à vélo (location possible), aller déguster des huîtres chez les producteurs et profiter de l'océan en tout temps (cirés et bottes fournis !).



#Petit #futé


17 Jan 23

New look for the bedroom "les Amarres"!

New look for "" les Amarres "!

A new window for more light.

A sliding door to access the bathroom for more comfort.

A suspended desk, a real space saver.

And a new decoration in a nod to the Ile de Ré.

#new #look
Chambre Les Embruns

Chambre Les Embruns

06 Apr 22

 Nous ouvrons une nouvelle grande chambre autour de la piscine ,face à la chambre Les Bouées, 

Lumineuse, spacieuse et confortable, elle vous séduira par sa décoration bord de littoral;

#New #room
Spa face à la nature

Spa face à la nature

06 Apr 22

The Spa of 36 is open!!

For this new year Le 36 awaits you with its new Spa in addition to the swimming pool, a pleasant moment of relaxation in the middle of nature after having pedaled on the cycle paths of this magnificent island!
Marché de La Flotte en Ré

Marché de La Flotte en Ré

04 Jan 22






Port parking: From Easter to the end of the All Saints holidays: every day (food and unpacking).

Church square: Off season: Tuesday and Friday (food). February holidays: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.


From April 1 to October 31: every day (food and unpacking).

School holidays: every day. Off season: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (food and unpacking).


Center Village and Mail Market

School holidays all zones: every day. From April 1 to June 30: Wednesday to Sunday. July 1 to September 15: daily; September 16 to 30: Wednesday to Sunday.

Center Village market (off season)February 13 to March 6: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday March 7 to April 1 (March 27 and 28): Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. From September 19 to October 18: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. From October 19 to November 3: daily. From November 4 to December 16 (November 11 inclusive): Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. From December 17 to January 2: every day (except December 25 and January 1).


All year round: every day (food) and Saturday (food and unpacking). July-August: nocturnal from 7 p.m. Cours Félix-Faure (unpacking).

Clearance sale the 3rd Thursday of the month in July and August, at the Port and Cours Félix-Faure.


From July 1 to September 15: All Saints 'Day holidays and Easter holidays: every day (food and unpacking). In July and August, All Saints' Day, Christmas and Easter holidays:: every day (food and unpacking).


From October 1 to March 30, May, June and outside school holidays:Tuesday and Friday (food). From April 1 to June 30 and from September 16 to November 8: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (food and unpacking).

The Fleet market

Thanks to its maze of alleys and its most atypical market on the Ile de Ré, La Flotte is one of the ""Most Beautiful Villages of France"". One of the major assets of our village, the charming market square dates from 1804. Its unique charm has made the town famous with its paved courtyard lined with stalls covered with wooden sheds and its ""boot stems"" tiles. In the past, a well stood at its center. It is also one of the high places of entertainment at La Flotte. It is good to live there, the atmosphere is friendly and warm thanks to the traders who are present every morning, all year round. Colors, local flavors and local products are always present at the La Flotte market!

Market day

All year round: every morning at Place du Marché (food + unpacking)

Night market

From July 6 to August 31: - every evening from 7 p.m. on the Cours Félix Faure (unpacking), except on 25/07 and 22/08

Why we recommend it : The La Flotte market comes alive every morning thanks to the traders always there! It is the meeting of colors, flavors, smells and good humor!

It is here that we buy the bread "o pain du pêcheur" at the entrance to the market, the cheese at Joffrey's with "cheeses of Harmony", the fresh fruits at Hervé with "Confits de Ré", Sausages with " Good sausage "", from the traders we recommend.

The Ars en Ré market

It is the second largest market on the island and is often cited as one of the finest. Colorful and traditional, it is one of the places to visit especially during the summer (from March 31 until November 4 in the port) to stock up on fresh and regional products.You come by bike, filling your basket with fish of course, but also oysters, fruits and vegetables, jams ... You can also find one of the most emblematic products of the island: salt.

Port parking

Easter weekend at the end of the All Saints holidays: every day (food and unpacking).

  • ïPlace of the church

Off season: Tuesday and Friday (food). February holidays: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

The Bois Plage market

The Bois-Plage-en-Ré market: this covered market is the largest on the island.
The atmosphere is friendly and you can indulge yourself: Local products mingle with various textile stands. Note, the presence of rides for children outside the halls is a very nice little extra.

In addition to traditional market products, regional specialties, cheese and delicatessen.Every morning from April to October and 4 times a week the rest of the year, in the halls and on the square, more than a hundred Rhetian traders run the largest market on the island, rue de la Glacière.

From 04/01 to 10/31: every day (food and unpacking).
School holidays: every day.
Off season: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (food and unpacking).

The two markets of La Couarde-sur-Mer

In La Couarde-sur-Mer, it is not one, but two markets that await you in an atmosphere sparkling with colors and smells: that of the Mail and that of the Center.
Here, you will enjoy strolling through the alleys teeming with charming and friendly traders: greengrocers, florists, pork butchers, fishmongers and many other stands of textiles or souvenirs. The opening days and hours vary depending on the time of year, check with the town hall.

Loix market

One of the most charming markets on the island, be sure to visit it to find the best of the island's food crafts. The atmosphere is more intimate and very authentic.
You can also buy arts and crafts presented by local artists. The market is open every morning during school holidays, Tuesday and Friday the rest of the year.

The Portes-en-Ré market

It is certainly the most popular and the most visited market of the island, well known to the people of the Rais, it also attracts many tourists. downside: it's at the end of the island!

Dynamic atmosphere like the village, many food stalls, but also clothes, linens and jewelry.
Come and take a gourmet getaway and discover the local specialties.
The market is open every day during school holidays and long weekends, outside of these periods it is held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

#marché #La #Flotte #en #Ré
Autour de chez nous

Autour de chez nous

04 Jan 22



Village of La Flotte

La Flotte is the largest village on the Island, it offers a natural, idyllic and unspoiled living environment, and is characterized by an incomparable quality of life.

A small town of traders in the past, La Flotte is now classified as "Most Beautiful Villages of France", its typical alleys and its medieval-inspired market will delight walkers, curious and gourmands. Also classified as ""Stone and Water Villages"" since 2011, the successful alliance between a remarkable architectural heritage and water, make it one of its major assets.

Stroll through the alleys adorned with hollyhocks in a peaceful atmosphere, marvel at a harmonious architecture full of charm, stroll on the port, taste a good ice cream, have a refreshment on a sunny terrace, discover the local specialties. ..

La Flotte is also renowned for the quality of its entertainment in July and August, take advantage of the night market, with its many stands of creators and craftsmen, and musical entertainment or shows: rock, 80s, classical music, Irish, sea songs, jazz, shows for children, ...

La Flotte market 600 m from 36

Thanks to its maze of alleys and its most atypical market on the Ile de Ré, La Flotte is one of the ""Most Beautiful Villages of France"". One of the major assets of our village, the charming market square dates back to 1804. Its unique charm has made the town famous with its paved courtyard lined with stalls covered with wooden sheds and its ""boot stems"" tiles. In the past, a well stood at its center. It is also one of the high places of entertainment at La Flotte. It is good to live there, the atmosphere is friendly and warm thanks to the traders who are present every morning, all year round. Colors, local flavors and local products are always present at the La Flotte market!

Market day

All year round: every morning at Place du Marché (food + unpacking)

Night market

From July 6 to August 31: - every evening from 7 p.m. on the Cours Félix Faure (unpacking), except on 25/07 and 22/08

Why we recommend it : The La Flotte market comes alive every morning, traders are always there! It is the meeting of colors, flavors, smells and good humor!

It is here that we buy the bread "o pain du pêcheur" at the entrance to the market, the cheese at Joffrey's with "cheeses of Harmony", the fresh fruits at Hervé with "Confits de Ré", the sausages with " Good sausage "", the Huitres et Whelks at La Cabane Océane, traders that we recommend.


On the road that leads to the bridge, towards Rivedoux, the ruins of the Abbaye des Châteliers stand out in a landscape between land and sea.These remains tell the story of the development of the Ile de Ré. From this Cistercian abbey, the church remains to the north of which are the foundations of various buildings, including the cloister. In the 12th century, the lord of Ré, Elbe de Mauléon, offered the Cistercian monks the lands of "" Breuil des chasteliers "". The Abbey, formerly called Notre-Dame de Ré, was completed in the 12th century. The oldest religious building on the island, it was affected by several fires and destruction during the Hundred Years War and the Wars of Religion. Classified as a Historic Monument in October 1990, this exceptional site has been the subject of various excavation and restoration campaigns.

In free access, you can admire the remains of its abbey, its galleries, and its cloister garden, as well as its refectory ... all illuminated at nightfall!

FORT LA PRÉE 1.1Kms from 36

On leaving the village of La Flotte en Ré, in the direction of Rivedoux Plage, Le Fort La Prée is the oldest military building on the Ile de Ré.Property of the CNOSAP (National Committee for Social, Cultural and Sports Works of the Penitentiary Administration) since the end of the 1970s, classified as historical monuments since 2008.

Let yourself be told the story of this unique monument built in the 17th century, under the reign of Louis XIII, in order to establish royal power against the Protestants of La Rochelle. Subsequently occupied by the German army during the Second World War and even transformed into a summer camp in the 1950s !! Discover the magnificent panorama offered by the Fort as well as its various exhibitions and activities such as the Treasure Hunt !! 400 years of history to discover on a self-guided or guided tour, come and don the costumes of the musketeers and challenge yourself to a duel on the Place d'Armes !!

Why we recommend it

A real jewel of the heritage of the oldest island A place where stones dating back more than 4 centuries tell us the story. To visit in all weathers!

Whale Lighthouse 17Kms from 36

The site is home to two prestigious sentries: the current Grand Phare (1854) and Vieille Tour built in 1682 by order of Colbert. Site open all year round ... The first tower built under Vauban and put into service in 1682 and 1854, is classified as a Historic Monument. It was restored between 2005 and 2007. The current Grand Phare was inaugurated in 1854. It was built between 1849 and 1853 at the northwestern tip of the island of Ré, in line with the Baleineaux lighthouse. With its 57 m, it is one of the highest in France: 257 steps to climb to have an exceptional view of the island and the ocean! The range of this giant retais is 50 km, which makes it one of the most powerful lighthouses on the Atlantic coast. Museographic activity area on the lighthouses and their history, at the foot of the old tower. Maritime bookshop - Marine decor shop - Souvenirs -

Open every day without interruption: January / February / March / October / November / December From 10:30 am to 5:30 pm From April 1 to the end of June From 10 am to 7 pm From the end of June to the beginning of September From 9:30 am to 9 pm

Why we recommend it:

You will of course not see any cetaceans! It has been more than 2 centuries since whales left the Ile de Ré. However, from its summit you can discover all the salt marshes, the Ars bell tower and, if the weather permits, the church of the village of La Flotte. You can get there by bike. It is a magnificent walk in the heart of the marshes for an authentic discovery of the island. All along your route, you can stop off at different salt producers.

257 steps to wait for the top of the lighthouse! Not feeling dizzy is better.

Being the most coveted monument of the Island, a wait is to be expected in high season.


The church probably built in the 15th century, the fortified church of Saint-Martin will have experienced numerous destruction: bombed in the 17th century, collapses in the 18th century, a fire in the 20th century.The remains of the old parts of the transept suggest that this church was one of the most beautiful achievements of Gothic architecture in Aunis.

Partly destroyed in the 17th century by Governor Toiras, governor of the Ile de Ré, for fear that the English would install cannons there.

Destroyed again at the end of the 17th century by the Dutch, the building was finally rebuilt in the 18th century and further altered in the 19th century.

After these many alterations and repairs, the church in its current state, includes a nave with three aisles of four bays, flanked on the left by three side chapels, a large projecting transept and a choir.

Why we recommend it

Enjoy the breathtaking view over the rooftops of Saint Martin. In summer, in the evening you will be able to distinguish the bell tower of Ars in backlight in the distance.

At peak hours, you can hear the bells in action and admire the old clock.

Vauban's fortifications 3.5 km from 36

Unique in its dimensions, a semi-circle of 1.5 km in radius and more than 14 km of ramparts, the urban wall of Saint-Martin-de-Ré was to house the entire population of the Ile de Ré. in the event of a siege.

Mainly built between 1681 and 1685, it is based to the northeast on a vast citadel, a military city transformed into a prison in the 19th century. This site, a masterpiece of 17th century military architecture and the creative genius of Vauban, the most famous engineer of Louis XIV, is today magnificently preserved in its casket of non-urbanized glacis.

After having been used as barracks, and place of departure of the prisoners towards the penal colony until 1938, the citadel is from now on a penitentiary center, property of the Ministry of Justice, and cannot be visited.

From the Pertuis Breton seafront, Saint-Martin faces the Vendée. On a clear day, it is possible to see to the west, the Ars bell tower, the Whale Lighthouse and the Loix peninsula.

Vauban's defensive system on the seafront is simple:the soldiers mounted guard along the rampart walk along the rampart. The latter is marked out with battlements in order to be able to install cannons in the event of an enemy sea attack. This device could allow the installation of a battery of a hundred parts. The rampart is 8 meters high by 2 meters thick. On the land side, the defensive system is based on the bastioned architecture, which gives this characteristic star shape.

The two doors, from Toiras and from Campani, were once closed with a double studded door and

of a wooden organ, preceded by a drawbridge, which became a dormant bridge at the end of the 18th century. They were the only access routes to the city. The breakthrough of the ramparts of Saint-Martin took place in 1928 for the Porte des Campani and in 1936 for the passage on the Porte de Toiras side. Established in 1685, the Place de la République is the former Place d'Armes de Saint-Martin, a strategic location for the deployment of troops in the event of an attack, located equidistant from the two monumental gates of the city.

Platinum Museum at 0.7 km from 36

The Museum owes its name to its exceptional location on the seafront, but above all to its maritime vocation: to bear witness to the traditions linked to the sea (sluice boats and life in the area). La Maison du Platin deploys its collection on 4 levels: - The origins and traditional activities of the island The ground floor of the museum exhibits the remains of the Abbey of Châteliers, found during the various excavation sites. The Fleet was once an important trading port, photos recall its history.

The traditional activities of the Ile de Ré such as agriculture, oyster farming and fishing are evoked through old tools and models of boats.

- The Ré - Continent connections From sailboats to the bridge, including steamers and ferries, discover the history of the crossing between the Île de Ré and the mainland. Find the furniture of the old vats and the controversy of a certain day in 1988 which consecrated their end on the island of Ré…!

- The habitat and the costumes A rural Charentais interior from the beginning of the 20th century has been reconstructed on the third level of the Maison du Platin. Oral and written traditions as well as an extract from the impressive photographic collection of Eugène-Nemours Bonin are grouped there

.- Temporary exhibition For children: treasure hunts (in French and English) through the different levels of the permanent space (from 3, 5, 8 and 10 years old) and play and reading area (under parents' responsibility).

Why we recommend it

Here is the place where you will discover the past life of the island, its culture of the vineyard and the old rigs used for the export of wine. Regular temporary exhibition on a specific theme (inquire at reception) Important literature to buy at the entrance to the Ile de Ré.

L'Estacade au bois plage

Gollandières Beach

A path through the dunes allows you to discover the magnificent panorama of the beaches of Bois-Plage-en-Ré, with direct access to the beaches of Bidon V and Gollandières. Its purpose is to avoid erosion due to off-piste walks.

Thus, by respecting the dunes, we protect the hinterland from the risks of marine submersion or silting up, depending on the period, while preserving the ecosystem and the landscape.

Why we recommend it : You are at the highest point of the island (14 meters), beware of vertigo Magnificent viewpoint of the dunes and the beach, typical panorama of the Ile de Ré.

The Cooperative Cave in Bois-Plage


Route of Saint-Marie-de-Ré́

The Viticultural Cooperative was created in 1950.This structure, a symbol of island solidarity, aims to unite the island's winegrowers and replace the multitude of farmers with a larger structure making it possible to reduce costs and support small producers. The building takes up the codes of post-war architecture, roundness of forms, geometry of the decorations and recalls its industrial destination, tower / silo, semi-circular windows, differentiated buildings for each activity, loading dock.

Visit of the cellars in July and August, Monday to Friday at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm.

Bois-Plage market

The Bois-Plage-en-Ré market is the largest on the island, for years it has animated the village every morning in season. The limp and limp as well as the tourists love the atmosphere that reigns there, which is very warm and welcoming. This market has more than 130 traders per day when the season is in full swing.

Market day: Every day from April 1 to November 4 included Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday out of season

The Lighthouse of Chauveau 6 Kms from 36

Chauveau plateau, South beach

The lighthouse was built between 1839 and 1842. Located at sea at 1200 meters, it is accessible at low tide by a dike. The tower, 30 meters high, has a specific shape known as a "trumpet" ensuring it a good base and great resistance. Initially planned to be full, the lighthouse will eventually be guarded. Equipped with a Fresnel lens, it has a range of 28 km. In 1934, the top of the lighthouse was repainted in white and red. In 1968, the lighthouse was automated and in 1972 the guard post was abolished.

The Chauveau lighthouse cannot be visited.
Presentation booklet on request at the reception desk.


Lilleau des Niges National Nature Reserve 14.1 km from 36

At the heart of the marine bay of Fier d'Ars and the salt marshes of the Ile de Ré, the Lilleau des Niges National Nature Reserve is home to the most remarkable elements of the natural heritage of the Atlantic coastal marshes: marshes, salt meadows, mud flats ..

Managed by the LPO, it hosts a specific flora and fauna of these environments and in particular many sedentary and migratory birds. In spring and summer, avocets, stilts, terns, blue throats, shelducks or harriers set up their nests in the marshes to rear their chicks. In autumn and winter, the mudflats attract a multitude of migrants from the north: geese, spoonbills, plovers, barges, curlews, sandpipers, etc.

Why we recommend it

One of the most beautiful bike rides starting from our guest rooms on 36 in the fleet. Passing through Saint Martin and Ars, you will arrive at the reserve by the cycle paths in the middle of the salt marshes, change of scenery guaranteed !!

Plan the day for this activity, and preferably using our electric bikes.…

The bandstand at La Couarde

Place Carnot

Backed by the church of La Couarde remains the last bandstand on the Ile de Ré. Built in 1895, it was completely renovated in 1989 thanks to the municipality, various subsidies and the generosity of cowards. Its brick base surmounted by a wooden structure, gives a poetic note to this modest building to which the villagers are attached. In fine weather, the bandstand hosts many concerts. The bandstand was restored again in 2017 and inaugurated on the occasion of the Fête de la Musique on June 21.

The Peu Ragot Beach in La Couarde

Avenue du Peu Ragot

Located near the city center and its markets, this family beach is ideal for safe swimming.
The Municipality has designed its public space in such a way as to promote access to shops located near the seafront.It carried out work and set up specific equipment for the accessibility of this beach with, among other things, a wooden deck on the beach and suitable equipment made available free of charge to tourists during the period of surveillance of the beach: 2 "Tiralos" for swimming and 1 seahorse chair for walks on the sand.

Peu Ragot beach is supervised in July and August by 3 lifeguards.
The car park (90 spaces) has six adapted spaces.

What we recommend : Take the Chemin des Brardes after entering the campsite, go 200/300 m. You can park at this level and access the small beach entrance path between two houses (there are usually plenty of bikes).

You will discover a magnificent point of view typical of the island at the top of the dune.

The port and its tide mill in Loix

On the Place du Port, the tide mill was probably built in the Middle Ages by the monks of the abbey of Saint-Michel-en-l'Herm.It was originally used to grind grain using grindstones operated by the movement of the tides. The miller was also in charge of transporter ensuring the passage between Isle de Loye and La Couarde-sur-Mer. At the beginning of the 11th century the production of salt and its trade were booming, the tide mill was therefore converted into a salt laundromat. Large ships from all over the Atlantic coast and even from Canada called

to Loix to load the precious ""white gold"". Around the place of the port, all the buildings were linked to the salt trade: the weighbridge which allowed the weighing of the carts in the center (we can still see the traces) or the old refinery built in the 19th century. The mill also allowed the maintenance of the channel: the reserve of sea water which is constituted at rising tide is retained so that at the opening of the trap at low tide the force of the current cleans the channel. This principle is still used today to "drive" the silt out of the port.

Why we recommend it :The wooden footbridge which borders the back of the building offers one of the most beautiful panoramas of the island.

Ecomuseum of the salt marsh 18 km from 36

Discovery of the retais salt marshes: after a visit to the exhibition with a variable theme depending on the year, a guide explains the operation of the salt marsh using a model, then accompanies visitors to the site. During the visit, the visitor discovers the work of the salt worker, the specific flora of the marshes: salicornia, statis, mustard and, depending on the season, migratory birds: geese, shelducks, egrets ...
Reservations required only for groups by email: ecomusee@marais-salant.com.
No deposit, payment on site: 2 p.m.-6 p.m. (in the morning season extra 10-12am)

The LPO-Maison du Fier, travel to the heart of the nature of the region.

At the gates of the Lilleau des Niges Nature Reserve, the Maison du Fier invites you to discover the Ile de Ré through a mosaic of life and natural environments for a journey that will take you to the heart of the ocean in the company of northern gannets, intoxicate yourself with the scents of the Dunes, immerse yourself in the pine and holm oak forest ...
Young and old will have fun walking through the village, the marshes, the foreshore, the dune and the forest to meet all the animals that live there. Hidden under a stone, suspended in the air, or immersed in an aquarium, it's a whole animal and plant world.
And to complete this fun and informative journey, discover the Nature Reserve by following the hiking trails punctuated with remarkable observation points and interpretation terminals.

La Rochelle

1000 years of history and heritage rich in discovery, La Rochelle will amaze you with its dynamism and amaze you with the beauty of its architecture.The arcaded streets, medieval houses and other shipowners' hotels will tell you about the great times of the city.

Relax on one of the terraces of the Old Port and have lunch in front of the towers of La Rochelle

Discover the old town on foot, a real open-air museum!

La Rochelle Aquarium: Visit the aquarium (one of the largest in Europe!) And discover its more than 500 species of fish

The Tours: Visit the medieval towers, symbol of the city (Tour de La Chaine, Tour Saint-Nicolas and Tour de La Lanterne)

Must-sees: Discover the Maritime Museum and its ships; Weather boat, trawlers, classic yachts, tugs and many more

Museums: Visit one of the city's many museums (Natural History, Fine Arts, Automata Museum, New World Museum, etc.)

The Bunker Museum: For fans of History and unusual visits, visit the Bunker Museum, shelter for the officers of the German submarine base during the Occupation

The La Rochelle Eye! : For lovers of panoramic views, take to the skies and admire the city and the ocean from La Grande Roue

Original visit: Visit the city by Segway Mobilboard or electric scooter, fun and original!

Why we recommend it : Come back to 1700! With this cruise you will arrive between the towers of the old port of La Rochelle as in the days of sailing ships, that's it you are in the heart of the old town, walk the streets and stroll in front of the windows, stop at ""chez Ernest »The glacier, get on the Ferris wheel to discover a breathtaking landscape!

On your return you can admire the citadel of Saint Martin de la Mer, always coveted, never conquered ... everything to experience an original day full of memories.


Saint-Martin-de-Ré - La Rochelle - Maritime Shuttle

One-way or return day trip, between La Rochelle and Saint-Martin-de-Ré, as part of the Navette Maritime. Transport of bicycles by reservation.

The island of Ré is above all preserved natural spaces and villages of atypical character. Disembark in the port of Saint-Martin-de-Ré, an emblematic village of the island and the ideal starting point for an unforgettable day or stay!

Ile D'Aix: A natural and unspoiled island

Here no cars (except those of the inhabitants and traders of the island)! You can only get around on foot, by bike or in a horse-drawn carriage. A place out of time between a village fortified by Vauban, beaches and pine forest. Take the time to stroll and enjoy the natural spaces of the island between vineyards, sandy coves, cliffs and beaches.

The island of Aix is classified as a "Remarkable Natural Site", do not hesitate to get lost on its paths, it is full of little corners of paradise!

Take a carriage ride with a commentary on the history of the island.Rent bikes to get away from it all on the island's paths. Visit the Fortified Village (guided tour possible for groups) and Fort Liédot, in order to discover the life of the soldiers and all the mysteries of Fort Boyard! Take a bath on one of the island's beaches - (Anse de La Croix, Grande Plage and Plage aux Coquillages)

Why we recommend it: It is a variant of the cruise to La Rochelle, with a more natural spirit, you are again in a preserved space: We are in the island with blue shutters, resulting from the tradition of using the backdrops protecting the boats from the sailing time, which allowed them on the water to differentiate them from those on the Ile de Ré which were green (hence the green color of the shutters of the island).

Embarkations & Tickets

The Inter-Islands Cruises agency in Saint-Martin-de-Ré is located at 21 quai Georges Clémenceau, 50m from the pier.

Presentation 30 min before departure


Ö Fisherman's Bread (La Flotte Market)

This is where we have breakfast bread! Natural sourdough baguette (fisherman's bread). For lovers of wholemeal bread, black bread remains a must.

Open in the morning only.


On the market square, Steph la Boulangerie welcomes you every day of the year and offers: bakery, pastries, chocolate, ice cream parlor, caterer, bar, café, tea room, fast food.

Why we recommend it: The bread is excellent! You can eat seated there and eat on the spot

Harmony Cheeses (La Flotte Market)

Regularly at the Marché de La Flotte, where some of the island's most expert producers meet.There are in particular Les Fromages d'Harmony ( ask Geoffrey on 06 10 15 15 16), ash log, mothais on leaf, tomme de pays, and fresh or dry goats from a breeder from behind. -Pays Rochelais which makes listen to classical music to its goats.

Who does not know Harmony and Geoffrey, Harmony Cheeses, on the La Flotte market all year round?

Specialist in farm cheeses made with raw milk, from the heart of Conté, partner of Arnaud of La chèvre qui rit in Loix, Geoffrey delivers farm cheeses, goat cheeses and organic eggs to you all over the island.

Abeille de Ré 8.9 km from 36

At the head of more than 900 beehives at the present time, Aldo François and his team take care of their little ones settled on the Ile de Ré and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine sector.More than a place of production or a shop, it is also a place of sharing where visitors are invited to taste the different beehive products and to participate in the various visits and activities offered throughout the year. Discovery workshop, bee, beekeeper or simply guided tour, there is something for all tastes and for all ages. Professional and enthusiastic, the Abeille de Ré team offers honeys and derivatives made using traditional methods that respect the environment.

Why we recommend it

Here are the different honeys that you can taste in our breakfasts at 36 at La Flotte. Quality free from any pollution, the bees being in the middle of the marshes. Many choices of honey, excellent welcome.

The plus: educational workshops in season on honey harvesting and the life of bees. Remember to register in advance !!

Ile de Ré Chocolats 3.5 kms from 36


To discover the magic of chocolate, with your family or in a group, we welcome you to the Ile de Ré, for a gourmet chocolate journey.

Discover the history and manufacture of pure origins cocoas through an illustrated tour and a film that will teach you the secrets of chocolate. You will end your visit with a demonstration by a chocolatier with the exceptional creation of the famous Fort Boyard in chocolate that you can then taste.

It is at the heart of our shop in St Martin de Ré that you can find all the chocolates and specialties: chocolate potatoes, pilots de sel, Fort Boyard in chocolate, caramels with fleur de sel and many others specialties that have made the success of the brand.

You will also find a wide choice of local and regional products to satisfy all gourmets and gourmets.

• SAINT-MARTIN-DE-RÉ STORE 15, avenue de Phillipsburg 17410 Saint-Martin de Ré

Opening hours : Tuesday to Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday in July and August.

Why we recommend it:

Chocolate lovers, we have tested a lot of them, this one is clearly above the rest,

The prices are accordingly but justified with regard to the quality.

An address for gourmets!

The Savonnerie de l'ile de Ré

The emblematic product of their range is the Ile de Ré donkey milk soap directly from the Poitou donkey farm of Régis Léau in the ramparts of Saint-Martin-de-Ré. Rich in nutrients, organic fresh donkey milk soap has incomparable softening, firming and nourishing properties.

Workshop visits :
- April to October: Tuesday and Thursday at 2:30 p.m.
- July, August: every day at 2:30 p.m., except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Chemin du Corps de Garde Tel. +33 (0) 5 46 67 74 65 www.savonneriedere.fr

Loix & Savons 8 kms from 36

Discover the artisanal manufacture of our MADE IN RE soaps at the Savonnerie de Ré based on donkey milk,

(Donkeys grazing at the foot of the ramparts of Saint Martin)
Come and share our know-how and take the opportunity to discover a small, natural village full of charm.
Hours: Off season Monday to Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. / 1:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Season: Monday to Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. / 1:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Why we recommend it : there are two soap factories that manufacture on the island, the Ile de Ré and Loix soap factory and soaps, both located on the road to Loix, you can visit either one, the products are authentic terroirs.

Le Blanc de l'ile at La Flotte


Le Blanc de l'Ile, the linen of yesterday and today.

It is the store of the big brands of household linen at reasonable prices: duvet cover, sheets, pillowcases, bathrobes, bath towels, tablecloths ...

At the same time, a small universe is dedicated to vintage and second-hand goods: glassware, old furniture, decorative objects, unusual products.

School holidays and from April: from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

22 rue du Marché La Flotte Tel. +33 6 62 83 51 50

Why we recommend it: This is where we buy our bathroom linen!

La Martinière on the Port of La Flotte (among others)

La Martinière is a family business, but also a family of people who take pleasure in working together to create excellent products. Born the same year as La Martinière, founded by his parents, Xavier Cathala caught the virus and transmitted it to his collaborators, starting with his wife, Cécile. The result: a tight-knit team of perfectionists, unconditional on a job well done, who never stop innovating for your pleasure!

Why do ice creams have this texture and typical flavor? How do you get a creamy taste without being too frothy?Quite simply by using quality ingredients, few stabilizers and little air. A clever equation, calculations, but also a lot of soul! the sugars are dosed at the lowest level and with pasteurized whole milk from the Fayes dairy for taste rather than powdered milk ..., AOP Poitou Charentes butter, fresh and seasonal fruits, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, chocolate from the houses of Cluizel and Valrhona, and hazelnuts from Piedmont, grilled and crushed in our laboratory, just like that…

Why we recommend it: It's an institution! Finally ice cream with real fruit flavors, and an endless array of flavors, don't waste time or you won't be able to taste everything. There are 5 shops on the island so in case of urgently you are never more than 10 km from a delicious gourmet break.

Boutique Little Casa 600 M from 36

A small shop where it is good to stop at market time or during the day to have a little elegant and affordable treat for you Ladies.

You will be advised and pampered as it should be.

Ready-to-wear shop, makeover and coaching, shoes, accessories, jewelry and perfumes.

24 rue du Marché 17630 La Flotte


Institut à Fleur de Peau by Audrey 600m from 36


Beauty, cosmetics and aesthetic care center

What happiness in taking care of yourself ...

1 rue du Général De Gaulle

17630 The Fleet


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Gamme Nuxe au 36 Maison d'hôtes

Gamme Nuxe au 36 Maison d'hôtes

08 Nov 21

The NUXE range for your daily comfort

NUXE range, "Honey Dream"
Body and hair treatments accompany you during your stay.
For the new season, we are completing this range with body milk. A touch of well-being after the Spa or the swimming pool!
And of course, the little "Welcome gift" touch with the Prodigious Oil on your arrival.

#Gamme #Nuxe
chambre référence

chambre référence

01 Jul 21


Since June 22, 2021, Le 36 guest rooms is:

" Bed and breakfast of reference ", qualification awarded by the Tourist Office of France.

This qualification aims to certify a quality of reception, a level of accommodation and environment unanimously recognized throughout France.

It is a guarantee of quality for a successful stay!

#Label #Chambres #référence


03 Jun 21

Home & Garden Favorite 2021

We are pleased to announce that the "36 Chambre d'hôtes" has been voted Coup de Coeur 2021 by Maison & Jardin magazine.
The full article can be read in the June issue, pages 180 and following.